Why choose Lashmat

Discover the Lash Mat Advantage

Improved Efficiency: The Lash Mat streamlines the process of arranging lash strips, saving valuable time during lash application.

Preserves Lash Strips: Its non-stick surface ensures that lash strips are easily removable without damage, reducing waste.

Clean Workspace: Keeps your workspace clean by preventing adhesive buildup on your tile.

Easy to Clean: Its easy-to-clean surface makes maintenance a breeze, ensuring a hygienic work environment.

Durable: Designed for longevity, the Lash Mat withstands daily use and can be a lasting addition to your toolkit.

Versatile: Suitable for use with various lash strips and loose fans, offering flexibility to lash artists.

Non-Reflective: The matte texture of the Lash Mat minimizes light reflection, reducing eye strain during lash application.

Stays in Place: Small silicone disks provided with the Lash Mat prevent the tile from slipping or moving around during work.

Simplicity in Design, Effortlessness in Application: The Lash Mat is thoughtfully crafted with a minimalist, line-free design and absolutely no restrictions. Allowing you to work with freedom and creativity."


The Lash Mat: Your partner for efficient, clean, and precise lash artistry.