- A Lash Mat is a thin silicone mat with a self-adhesive side that you attach to your ceramic lash tile. It acts as a barrier between the lash strips and the tile, making it easier to arrange and remove lash strips without damaging them.


 - The Lash Mat streamlines the lash extension process by preserving lash strips, ensuring a clean workspace, and enhancing precision. It's designed to save you time, reduce waste, and create a more efficient and hygienic environment.

  - Yes, the Lash Mat is compatible with various lash strip types, including different colors, curls, thicknesses, and lengths. It offers flexibility to lash artists, allowing them to work with their preferred lash strips.

 - Cleaning the Lash Mat is simple. After each use, wipe it down  with a warm, soapy cloth (diluted dish soap works fine) for a thorough cleanse. Regular cleaning ensures lasting effectiveness


The Lash Mat

Your partner for efficient, clean, and precise lash artistry.