How to Lash Mat

Experience the ease of applying your Lash Mat with our step-by-step guide, ensuring a perfect fit for your ceramic tile and a smooth start to your lash artistry journey

  1. Prepare Your Tile: Ensure your tile is clean and free from any dust or debris.
  1. Mark the Top Center of Your Tile: Find the center of the top edge of your tile, take a ruler, and mark a point 1.5 inches in.
  1. Peel the Lash Mat: Carefully peel the protective backing off the self-adhesive side of the Lash Mat.
  1. Align & Place: Hold the Lash Mat above your clean and dry ceramic tile, making sure to align the top center of the Lash Mat with the mark you've placed on the corresponding edge of the tile. Look for the star at the top center of the Lash Mat and use it as your guide for perfect alignment.
  1. Apply the Mat:Slowly lower the Lash Mat onto the tile, starting from the aligned edge. Press down gently but firmly, smoothing out any air bubbles or wrinkles as you go. The self-adhesive side should adhere smoothly to the tile's surface.
  1. Attach Anti-Slip Stickers: Place the four included small silicone circle stickers near the corners of the tile's base. These prevent slipping and enhance stability during lashing.
  1. Check & Finish: Once the Lash Mat is applied, take a moment to ensure it's properly centered and adhered to the tile. Smooth out any remaining imperfections if needed.
  1. Ready to Use: Your Lash Mat is now securely applied to the tile. It's ready for you to arrange and work with lash strips as needed.
  1. Aftercare: For lasting perfection, wipe with a warm, soapy cloth. Keep it clean for endless lash artistry.

These steps ensure that your Lash Mat is applied correctly and ready for use in your lash artistry.


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